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Jennifer Lopez’s business deal relationship with Drake comes with some pretty nice perks.

On Tuesday, sources confirmed to People magazine that the 47-year-old singer/actress received an extravagant piece of jewelry from her rumored beau. The item was a 17-inch platinum and diamond Tiffany Victoria necklace that is priced at $100,000. As the saying goes: You have to spend money to make money. Just kidding, we’re sure they’re very happy in what appears to be a legitimate and totally sincere relationship.

Drake reportedly presented the item during their New Year’s Eve get-together. According to People, Lopez can be seen rocking the pricey necklace in the image below.

The couple began fueling dating rumors back December, when Drake was spotted at Lopez’s Las Vegas concert on multiple occasions. Though neither of them have confirmed the status of the their relationship, it’s clear they really want us to believe they’re an item. But not everyone is convinced.

Weeks after DraLo rumors began circulating, footage of the couple grinding and kissing at a party surfaced on the internet. The “party,” however, looked a lot like a music video set; and the music playing in the clip sounded a lot like a new Drake and Lopez collaboration. Were the two pretending to date in order to gain publicity for their upcoming project? We don’t know, but several sources are saying duh.