It's been a few weeks since Nicki Minaj announced that she and Meek Mill broke up after dating for around two years. To this point, Meek has yet to really address the breakup, but social media has been ablaze with rumors about it. There were those possible shots Meek threw at Nicki when he posted a pair of her custom shoes with a snarky comment on Instagram and quickly deleted. And there's of course the constant slander coming in that will likely continue as the rumors do.

As for those rumors, the latest is centered around a claim that Meek took back a huge AF ring he previously gifted Nicki during their relationship. The speculation popped up when Meek shared an ice'd out pic of his hand with a ring that looked quite similar to the one he gave Nicki. Meek apparently caught wind of these accusations, and subsequently went into the Baller Alert IG comments to deny the claims. "Y'all gotta let me breath a lil bit with all these made up stories lol," he wrote. "Who's paying y'all?"

Seeing that Meek took the time out of his day to respond to this specific rumor, it seems like a good shot that the rings are not the same. But you just never know. Check out the side-by-side comparison below. 


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