The same type of anger management issues that reportedly led to dust-ups with Frank Ocean and comedian Jenny Johnson reportedly caused Chris Brown to get kicked out of a New York gym after an altercation with a fellow patron.

“Chris and his crew were on the basketball court, playing loud music and hurling insults and swear words during the action,” reported TMZ citing unnamed sources. “We’re told members complained and a manager walked over and asked the group to tone it down.”

Brown reportedly “went ballistic,” screaming at the gym manager before spitting and exiting the upscale gym.

In 2014, Brown revealed he was seeing a therapist twice weekly for anger management issues. The anger management issues reportedly played a part in similar incidents such as Brown’s felony assault charge from a 2014 confrontation in Washington, D.C. and Brown breaking a window after storming off the set following a 2011 interview on Good Morning America. An alleged 2012 brawl between Brown and Drake's camps at New York's Club WIP left multiple club attendees with injuries.

Brown entered rehab after the 2014 incident and has most notably been associated with his 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna that left her bruised, bloody, and with multiple contusions.