Aside from the obvious YG cut and a handful of others, 2017 is noticeably lacking in worthy musical rebukes of Trumpism. But this understandably viral diss track from an unnamed, legally blind rapper on a New York City train definitely qualifies:

The XXL-spotted track sets the tone with an "All the Way Up" instrumental before naming off a fairly comprehensive list of the former Apprentice host's physical, mental, political, and financial failings. Reference to Trump's stoking of racist ideology? Check. Mexico border wall? Of course. Apparent stupidity of his most dedicated supporters? Duh. Abysmal hair? Absolutely. This dude even slides in an extended diss aimed directly at the current White House occupier's allegedly odorous breath.

Naturally, my new favorite song is making serious waves across social media:

*hits play again* You heard the man. Get those middle fingers ALL THE WAY UP!