Chance the Rapper continues to the be realest out. The latest example is Chance posting video of himself taking a bath while singing a few Frank Ocean and Lil Uzi Vert tracks. 

Obviously, Chance had to make getting clean as fun as possible and decided to bump some Frank Ocean tunes before eventually singing along to songs like "Self-Control" and Lil Uzi Vert's "Do What I Want." Fans get to see it all go down thanks to Chano sharing the video on his Instagram story.

It turns out Chance is actually an avid believer of listening to good music while washing off because the rapper created his own playlist for fans on Apple Music. "Get my new Bathtime Playlist titled 'Yup,'" he captioned the video. "On Apple Music now." The whole thing includes music from Francis and the Lights, Drake, Solange, Gucci Mane, Kirk Franklin, Migos, Wyclef Jean, and four Frank Ocean songs.

"Enjoy a bath once in a while. I made this playlist. Get in the tub, press shuffle and treat yourself," he later tweeted after sharing the playlist's link.

It looks like this isn't the last playlist we're going to get from the Chicago MC, either. "Due to popular demand I will also be making a @Spotify playlist. It won't be a bathtime playlist. It will still be a shuffle playlist," he tweeted to his followers.

Do yourself a favor and fill up a bath while streaming his new tub playlist on Apple Music because it's Monday and Chance told you to.