Justin Bieber: single as hell and ready for the stadium. The recent Instagram purgatory escapee stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday to clarify his absence in the world of conscious coupling and to vaguely announce a seemingly massive U.S. stadium tour. Bieber's latest chat actually marked the Purpose slayer's 26th appearance on the show, a feat DeGeneres of course didn't let slide by without some brief nostalgia.


After reminiscing about the other 25 Bieber appearances and sharing some throwback snaps, DeGeneres got right to the point: Single or nah? "I'm not dating anybody," Bieber confirmed. "Single. I'm not really looking either." When asked if he had ever employed the services of apps like Tinder when on the road, Bieber claimed he wasn't about that life. "I haven't," he said. "Never."

But the solo dolo vibe of the road, Bieber noted, is one of the most difficult aspects of tour life. "That's probably the hardest thing, just being alone all the time," Bieber said. "I have my dog, Esther." Hell yeah. Dogs are everything. But what about hitting those stadiums? "I'm doing stadiums in the United States," Bieber announced to uproarious applause, either due to his mentioning of Esther or the announcement of said tour. Bieber had teased the tour on Twitter on Sunday:

The full list of dates is now out and tickets are now on sale just in time for everyone to annoy your loved ones about buying you a ticket. Check out those dates and grab your tickets here.