Jennifer Aniston has confirmed her membership in the elite group known as the mile-high club. The star of this month's R-rated holiday instaclassic Office Christmas Party stopped by Ellen DeGeneres' show Wednesday to do the usual promo stuff, then inadvertently announced her mile-high admission during a quick round of "Never Have I Ever."

At the top of showdown, both Aniston and DeGeneres held their "I Have" signs high when mid-flight hookups were mentioned. Though DeGeneres ultimately bowed out, Aniston was able to keep the "I Have" vibes going strong during more specific inquiries involving things like cockpits and pilots.

But doing any of that while also intentionally ingesting airplane peanuts?

"What?" Aniston said in shock when asked about mile-highing while eating a mini-bag of peanuts. "No! That's just disgusting."

Aniston also discussed her recent Huffington Post op-ed on the perils of tabloid culture, telling DeGeneres she had simply become "fed up" with their treatment of her personal life. "All of us need to take responsibility on what we ingest into our brains," Aniston said. "We as women do a lot of incredible thing in this world other than just procreate." The best remedy for tabloids' bullying of women, Aniston added, is to refuse to give them the clicks. "We have to stop listening to them," Aniston said. "We have to stop buying it."