Gucci Mane and Zaytoven stripped it down to the basics for their must-see Tiny Desk performance. As NPR heads will note, the Tiny Desk series frequently provides a minimal take on selected entries from an artist's catalog. For Gucci's performance at the NPR Music office, that means piano-driven takes on three instaclassic Gucci tracks: "First Day Out," "Waybach," and "Last Time."

The Atlanta legend spoke with XXL back in October about the changing music scene in the city, explaining that he was "forcing" himself to like some of it so he wouldn't feel alienated. "There's a different sound to some of the stuff that's going on," Gucci said at the time. "I'm forcing myself to like it because, it's different. It's not what I grew up listening to. It's not the stuff I would generally play in my car, but if everybody else like it, who am I to say they're stupid or that they're wrong?"

Gucci was spotted this weekend at SantaCon in New York City, a real event that actually exists. To celebrate the forthcoming release of his Return of East Atlanta Santa album, Gucci greeted holiday-stoked fans and even handed out some gifts. Some fans, for example, walked away from the SantaCon festivities with a custom East Atlanta Santa styrofoam cup.

Return of East Atlanta Santa drops Dec. 16.