DJ Khaled stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night to reflect on his huge 2016 and to plug his new book The Keys. He expressed excitement about his book being named a New York Times best-seller and called it a "major key right there."

Khaled also took some time to reflect on the recent birth of his son, saying it's been a huge joy that has caused him to not get very much sleep lately. "I get like four hours, sometimes on a lucky day, six. I just had my biggest blessing in the world, my son," he said. "I love it though. I'm not tired."

After Colbert noted that Khaled's father had come to America with just $20 in his pocket, Khaled reflected on the idea of the American dream. "I'm living not just an American dream, but a world dream," he said.

And of course, Khaled's ever-expanding line of products continues unabated, so he took some time to plug his latest: "They Block." Apparently, it's some kind of cocoa butter-based moisturizer, and it drops later in December. It adds to Khaled's already-extensive collection of merch branding with his sayings and logos. "I smell delicious right now," Colbert said after using the lotion.

Finally, Khaled reflected on President Obama entering the 2013 White House Correspondents Dinner to "All I Do is Win." "I'll never forget that day," Khaled said. "I prayed immediately and I said 'Man, we made it.'" He also noted that he likely passed a number of security checks in order for Obama to use the song. "You know he ain't gonna walk out to a song unless he clean," he said.

You can check out their whole interview in the video above.