It looks like Tyga is one step closer to getting out of debt.

According to TMZ, the rapper has paid half of the $200,000 he owes to Jason Arasheben, the celebrity jeweler who filed a lawsuit against Tyga in 2013. At the time of the filing, Arasheben and his company accused the rapper of failing to pay off his six-figure jewelry expenses. They have since questioned him about his extravagant spending habits, especially when it comes to the expensive—and highly publicized—gifts he purchases for Kylie Jenner. Apparently, that was a sensitive subject for Tyga, as it reportedly caused him to meltdown in court. 

Thankfully for Tyga, it appears it won’t be long before this case is settled. His attorney told the judge that the rapper has paid $100,000 plus interest to Arasheben, and that he plans to pay off the remainder by Nov. 17.

This is great news for Tyga, as his financial troubles have been well-documented for quite some time. He previously made headlines after his Maybach and Ferarri were repossessed after he failed to make the monthly payments. Prior to that, Tyga was sued by a former landlord for unpaid rent and compensation for alleged vandalism.