Protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline have continued to grow in size—350 North American tribes, 250 cities, and thousands of individuals have come together against the proposed construction, which would cut through North Dakota's Standing Rock territory, sacred ground for the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes in the area. Tribes that live on the route for the proposed conduit were some of the first to take issue with the plan, and they've suffered continued police abuse for their efforts. 

Pharrell is among the famous faces who have showed support for the cause, and he joined activists and members of the MHA Nation, a reservation near Standing Rock, at ComplexCon to voice objections to the pipeline once again. "The Dakota Access Pipeline goes through sacred sites," he said during an event to launch the holiday line for his Hu Collection, his colorful sneaker and apparel line with Adidas, inspired by "indigenous people around the world." 

"I feel connected to this," he continued. "I'm seeing my own culture go through something similar right now in the streets. I don't want you to feel sorry for them, because they don't feel sorry for themselves. There's so much beauty there, but it's a really complex place."

The discussion, which was moderated by Complex executive editor Alex Gale, was followed by a choreographed dance performed by members of the MHA Nation.

Watch Pharrell's short documentary on his recent visit to a powwow at the MHA Nation, one of the inspirations for his Hu Collection, above.