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Clipse's Pusha T and No Malice spoke with GQ to discuss the 10th anniversary of their landmark album, Hell Hath No Fury, but the pair ended up hinting at a reunion.

"Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know we can do it," No Malice told the magazine when asked if the brothers would ever do an album together again. The interviewer later told Pusha No Malice's answer and Pusha replied, "It would be an amazing album. We could totally conquer the world."

The brothers entered the music industry together, but a label shakeup prevented them from releasing their second album until four years after their first one dropped. In 2006, their sophomore album, Hell Hath No Fury finally arrived. "We had the album of the year. It was a landslide. It was too vivid. The realest hip-hop album ever made," Pusha told GQ about where Hell Hath No Fury should be ranked. He later added, "I meant every fucking word on that album. I really fucking did."

Clipse released their last album, Til the Casket Drops, in 2009 before each going their own way. Pusha went on to collaborate with Kanye West and eventually became the president of G.O.O.D. Music while No Malice ​dropped his solo album, Hear Ye Him, in 2013.​

"This is not where I envisioned myself not where I wanted it to go," Pusha admitted about no longer making music with his brother. "I came into this game with my brother and my best friend and that's it, and now, I'm making music with good friends, but not the people I came in with... I don’t have the fun of like really making music with like my best friends who live up the street from me."

Here's hoping the two reunite for another Clipse project. You can read the full interview over at GQ.