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The 33rd episode of OVO Sound Radio is airing live from Los Angeles, California right now, and listeners have pointed out that they played a song off Meek Mill’s DC4.

Rap fans are familiar about Drake and Meek’s bad blood. They been trading blows on wax, at their shows, and even social media ever since that whole ghostwriting situation last year. Who knows if this was intentional or not, but Oliver El-Khatib played his mix that included Meek’s “Offended” featuring Young Thug and 21 Savage. Thing is, he cut out Meek’s verse…

Drake and OVO Sound have every right to play whatever they want. It is their show after all. Maybe this was a sign that the camp messes with Meek’s new tape now that everyone is checking for him again. Or it could be another clever subliminal jab to the MMG rapper. We’ll let the fans decide.