With a constant stream of quality music available at your fingertips, it's always interesting to hear what the rappers and producers making your favorite songs are listening to. My Favorite Song RN is a feature where we ask, as the name suggests, what songs artists currently have in rotation.

Producer, songwriter, and all-around talent Lido recently released his debut studio album Everything, which is a fitting title for a project that captures a piece of his life in musical form. While on the road, the 24-year-old Norwegian artist stopped by the Complex office to share what he's been bumping lately.

Bon Iver "33 "God""

Lido shared his admiration for Bon Iver's new album 22, A Million and specifically broke down what makes "33 "God"" such a delight for a fellow musician who lives for subtle nuances. "From a production standpoint, it's really interesting because—a very geeky observation—the drums are recorded live. What [Justin Vernon] did is he took two drum takes playing the same drum kits and had them super hard, left and right. So there's actually two different recordings happening in your left ear and your right ear while you're listening. They're very similar, but there are certain places where you can tell there are differences happening. That's super cool to me because I love doing that as well."

"I love how genuine the lyrics are, because they're so specific but they don't tell me anything," he added. "He's talking about the hotel, he's talking about super specific details about something with someone, but I don't feel like he's being gossipy about the person. I love hiding in very specific honesty."

Steely Dan "Home at Last"

As far as other music, Lido says he's been listening to a ton of Steely Dan, and one song in particular. "I think 'Home at Last' is my favorite Steely Dan song. I've been bumping that shit lately. Been trying to sample it, but it's one of those cases where the song is so good, I really want to sample it but I don't want to change anything." Fingers crossed that he finds a way to flip it in his own way soon.

During our chat, Lido also shared news that a sequel to Everything is forthcoming and that he's been working on Jaden Smith and Towkio's upcoming projects. If you haven't already, grab Everything on iTunes and keep up with Lido on Twitter.

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