Miami MC Gunplay recently joined Tim Westwood for an interview, and the topic quickly turned to the state of politics in America. When asked about president-elect Donald Trump, Gunplay was cautious about making any headlines.

“I don’t condone what Donald Trump believes in,” Gunplay said. “I don’t condone his ideology. But what I do respect is his business. You won’t see the click bait saying, ‘Gunplay voted for Donald Trump.’ But he’s alright with me, man…as long as he stays in the borders and the parameters of not being a total racist, which it is right now.”

Gunplay was quick to point out Trump had zero political experience before winning the 2016 Presidential election. Trump has gained a reputation for hia business acumen dating back to the 1962 revitalization of the Swifton Village apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio (a venture that was itself marred by a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination). Newsweek’s recent in-depth look at Trump’s business ventures makes a statistical counter-argument.

“In 1978, the year his father set up that sweet credit line at Chase, Donald’s tax returns showed personal losses of $406,386—$1.5 million in present-day dollars,” the article stated. “Things grew worse in 1979, when he reported an income of negative $3.4 million, $11.2 million in constant dollars.”

Similar business ventures such as Trump Steaks,, a Monopoly-based Trump board game, Trump Ice drinking water, Trump on the Ocean restaurant and the Trump New Media video on demand service all lasted one year or less.

Gunplay and Westwood ultimately laughed off Trump’s successful White House run and called Trump “a hustler.”

“He bought that bitch,” Gunplay added. “That’s like [Rick] Ross going to be the President. He hustled. He did his thing. You gotta respect it. But I don’t believe what he believes in. His ideology and all his cockiness—that ain’t cool.”