Music festivals have just been taken to new heights... literally.

Beer brand Desperados has created the first ever zero gravity music festival above the skies of Las Vegas, Nevada and given the term 'bass drop' a whole new meaning.

Bringing together DJ group the Barong Family and world famous neuroscientist, Daniel Levitin, Desperados created the ultimate bass drop experience. Influencers across the world boarded a flight that climbed to 30,000ft above the desert and when the bass dropped – the plane did, too – sending the dance floor floating in zero gravity.

When the bass dropped, so did the plane.


DJ Mike Cervello who debuted his latest blockbuster track, "SMACK!", on each flight, said: "The experience was unreal. With Desperados Bass Drop, I created the biggest bass drop of my life. Working with Daniel Levitin, we stretched the bass of my track to match the parabolas, meaning when the plane dropped, so did the bass, sending the dance floor floating in zero gravity.  It was a mind blowing experience for everyone on board."

This wasn't a rave for the faint hearted.