Chance the Rapper Leads Thousands Through the Street to Polling Place

After a free concert in Chicago, Chance and his fans paraded through the street to a nearby early voting spot.

Chance the Rapper, who grew up in a political family, is doing as much as he can to make sure that people vote in this election. Not only did he perform at Hillary Clinton's massive rally and concert in Ohio last week and appear in a campaign ad, he even threw a free concert on Monday at Petrillo Music Shell in Grant Park to encourage his fans to vote. But he took things one step further after the show by leading a massive parade from the concert straight to an early voting site. Thousands of fans followed Chance through rush-hour traffic, and many documented the process on social media, with most using the hashtag #paradetothepolls.

Chance and the rest of the crew eventually arrived at the polling place. Officials told Billboard that anyone in line by 7 p.m. would be able to vote at that location.

Chance himself voted, and documented the process on Twitter.

We can only hope that all this work engaging young people in the political process earns Chance a return invitation to the White House under the new President.

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