Drake and Wizkid already took over the airwaves this summer with their smash hit "One Dance," but it looks like they might have even more in store for us. During a recent appearance at One Africa Music Fest, Wizkid shouted out Drake, saying that they had another record coming before the end of the year.

Although he just dropped VIEWS a couple of months ago, Drake has already been back at work. He was seen in the studio on Instagram earlier today with his engineer Noel Cadastre, and recently told the crowd at his Summer Sixteen Tour that he was working on new records for his next project.

Wizkid also courted a bit of controversy with his Twitter announcement where he referred to himself as "the real starboy."

Starboy is of course the title of The Weeknd's new album, whom Drake famously had a falling out with after the Take Care era. The two aren't openly hostile towards each other today, but haven't released music together since "Live For," off The Weeknd's 2013 debut album Kissland. As far as the name Starboy, Wizkid established his label imprint with that name back in 2013, but originally said he had no issues with Weeknd using the name. 

We'll have to wait and see what new music surfaces from Drake and Wizkid, but if it's anything like "One Dance," it's sure to be exciting.

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