Halloween needs to get on some Xmas levels with its collection of novelty music. As Stephen Colbert noted on Thursday's Late Show, the identity-altering holiday is still noticeably lacking in the music department. To hopefully make this travesty a thing of the past, Colbert linked up with his friends Killer Mike and El-P (a.k.a. Run the Jewels) to create something mildly confusing but totally blastable, "The Halloween Wiggle."

"You know, the one thing that Halloween lacks is that there's no really good Halloween novelty songs," Colbert told Late Show band leader Jon Batiste. "There's Monster Mash, but that's like 50-something years old now. We need a new one. Christmas has got all kinds of ones. I recently took the matter into my hands. I got together with my good friends, hip hop impresarios Run the Jewels. We have created what I believe will be an instant holiday classic."

Instant holiday classic status aside, there was clearly some differences in opinion as to the vibe of this Halloween banger. While Colbert keeps it campy to downright David S. Pumpkins levels, Killer Mike and El-P come through with some vaguely more adult-oriented subject matter.

There's also a touching reference to the power of Hershey's tucked into "The Halloween Wiggle." No explanation required:

If "The Halloween Wiggle" isn't exactly your favorite cup of RTJ tea, just be patient. Run the Jewels 3 is fast approaching.