On a recent birthday trip to Jamaica, UK singer Tanika expressed dismay at her music failing to properly connect and resonate with family members. Over the course of that trip, she set about a process of writing and creating, the outcome being her forthcoming EP Birthdays in Jamaica. The project's lead single, "Sweetest Ting", features Big Tobz, and it's a strong coming together here of tropical sounds, British R&B and cheeky road rap. Speaking on her confident, sexy new single, Tanika told Complex over email: "I picked Big Tobz to feature because he is just the one! He's got the real sauce. What my family think of my music and the message I'm going to leave behind is important to me; obviously, conceptually, this is about love, but being able to show my blackness through my records is something that's going to make them smile."

Stream "Sweetest Ting" below and buy it on iTunes here.