Since his beef with Drake, Meek Mill has been relatively quiet. The Philly-bred MMG spitter was on house arrest, then did a few shows while putting the finishing touches on DC4, the latest installment in the mixtape series that built his career. Now that the record is officially released, he sat down for an interview with one of hip-hop’s new podcast kings, Taxstone. As the two rode around in Meek’s Rolls-Royce Wraith, Meek spoke about his beefs with Drake, Game, and Beanie Sigel; the state of his career; and whether “is that a world tour, or your girl’s tour” is an insult. Here are the standout quotes from the lengthy interview.

On ditching social media: “I just cut my [Instagram page] off for a minute. I be on that shit too much. I got a lot of things going on in real life. And now, since all that funny shit been going on the internet, we call that shit the circus. And I stepped out the circus, period. When I do get back up on it I’m going to be selling something, I’m going to continue to motivate young niggas, but cut that shit off for a minute. That don’t make our life…. I think the material shit is enough to catch these young boys’ eyes, and make them focus on something else instead of killing and going to jail all day.”


On the difference between the internet and real life: “Niggas try to crucify me on the internet, but when I go out to the club, my shit sold out. I'm getting $70,000 a walkthrough…. I was confused. I was like, “The streets ain't [supportive]?” But when I got off house arrest and started going out, my walkthroughs are bigger than they used to be.”

On why he tweeted about Drake: “When I be on some shit sometimes, I just be saying how I really feel. That wasn't the first time I said that. If anybody ever watches my interviews, it didn't even just go for that person.”

On Drake not supporting him: “I had a show in Philly, he was supposed to come to my show. He said they ain't know about it. This is an arena with 30,000 people, this is something you ain't know about? I had set the shit up for four months. Nobody came through or called me, so I'm backstage looking like a fraud to the people I told.”

On "Back to Back": “I didn't think it was some shit where niggas would say ‘he got killed.’ I thought it was hot. When we shoot at niggas, you gotta shoot a nigga through the heart. When you wake up in the mirror, you looking in the mirror with the shit the nigga told you that you can't even deal with.”

On Sean Kingston: “I don't talk to Sean Kingston on the phone, nor do I really talk to Sean Kingston.”

On his real life bona fides: “I don't think no rapper in the game be in the streets the way I be in the streets.”

On how he's actually doing: “In real life, we’re in the Wraith. In real life, I came from the streets. In real life, I'm felonied up. In real life, I caught cases and had ten co-d’s, been to so many situations with niggas and stood up. In real life, I be tabbing my whole hood on the jet. In real life, I wake up and Nicki Minaj is my lady…. Meek Mill is unscathed.”

On Beanie Sigel: “I ain’t know what that was. I looked up to Beanie Sigel my whole life…. People saying I was trying to get close to him, that that was a chess move. Come on man, you sound like the devil. You don’t sound like good energy. I’m out here fighting, feeding for my family. I’m blessing you in the studio. You’re on your downside. I’m blessing you by even being here. And this what I wake up and get?”

On his career post-Drake beef: “They’re saying I was over with, right? When I go out, or when my niggas are out, [people ask] ‘When will DC4 drop?’ When you’re over, niggas don’t worry about when the new shit drops. When it was fucked up for Ja Rule, I wasn’t worried about when his shit dropped.”

On his lane in hip-hop: “A nigga never wrote a song for me in his life. No nigga can ever say he wrote bars from me. I don’t even write my own bars. And if you follow me from a kid now, I don’t be feeling like niggas spit better than me. Niggas make better songs than me, and you know the whole melody wave. Niggas ain’t got the reach like I got, they can’t touch the streets, touch no chicks, talk no money, and people really believe them, and really put that shit together, and say some shit that makes a nigga get chill bumps on their arm.”

On touring with Nicki Minaj: “Everybody’s go-to is Nicki. What’s that about? Is that a bad thing? Is it a bad thing that I have a go-getter as my lady? Is that a bad thing? What, am I supposed to have a little young starlet? Yeah, nigga, I’m from North Philly, I’m from the trap. The chain on my neck is a big deal, not to mention shorty, she’s on a whole ‘nother level in life. As a person, as an artist. That’s a bad thing? Yeah, I’m on my girl tour. We getting right every night, I’m on tour, I’m clearing a hundred every night, she’s probably making like 450 or some shit like that. I ain’t think that was a bad thing. … So when I see people tweet, like, ‘That was murder.’ I’m like, we wish for shit like this where we come from.”

On Black Lives Matter: “I can’t be on Instagram talking about Black Lives Matter when I’m arguing with Game and we’re talking about violence and going back and forth. Shit looks suspect. Ain’t no other race going to take you seriously if they see you do that.”