In unexpected collaborations of the day: LeBron James and Lil Yachty are the co-stars of Sprite's newest commercial. The ad mostly centers around LeBron, who repeatedly refuses to tell the viewers to drink Sprite, despite being the commercial's spokesman. He runs through a series of scenarios where, no matter what, he still wouldn't tell you to drink Sprite.

The commercial eventually transitions into a "metaphor about Sprite," in which Lil Yachty performs a rendition of his single "Minnesota." Instead of the original line "Cold like Minnesota," Yachty instead sings "Cold like it's my soda" while playing piano. "Even if this were a metaphor about Sprite, and I was talking about Sprite, and Lil Yachty here was paid by Sprite to write lyrics about Sprite, I sitll wouldn't tell you to drink Sprite," LeBron says. Later on, a group of "cool influencer teens" and LeBron try their hand at singing with the Yachty Auto-Tune.

The entire commercial is super bizarre, but actually pretty hilarious. Although we definitely didn't see the pairing of Yachty and LeBron coming, it somehow works out really well. The two don't physically appear in the scene together, but the floating head next to Yachty's piano is enough for us.

Yachty took to Twitter to express his excitement about the commercial.

You can check out Lil Yachty and LeBron James' goofy new Sprite ad in the video above.