Lil Uzi Vert takes us on a trip in his new, Spike Jordan-directed video for his Metro Boomin-produced cut "You Was Right."

The visual takes a cue from the track's line about having "fantasy on my phone" and warps that fantasy into a reality when he walks through a magical door. On the other side is a world filled with beautiful women with some hypnotic eyes strolling in their fuzzy Puma slippers and a tea party picnic filled with stacks of cash. There are also bunnies hopping around. Basically, this is what happens when Alice in Wonderland meets the vibe of Lil Uzi.

There's also a chandelier-filled mansion that looks pretty nice where Uzi walks the halls as a clear snake thing and even more lovestruck women follow him around. Most of the girls look set in a trance except one girl who artfully leaves her number for Uzi by the song's end.

The rapper has been keeping pretty busy with a steady stream of releases including his most recent banger, "Ready Set Go (VLone)," "Michael Jordan," and his collaboration with sailing team member Kodie Shane. He also performed at Chance the Rapper's epic Magnificent Coloring Day Festival that went down in Chicago last month. Rumors have also been circulating that the rapper will be on The Weeknd's new Starboy album. There isn't any solid confirmation yet, so we'll just have to stay on the lookout to see what Uzi has planned for us this fall.

In the meantime, watch his new video for "You Was Right" above.