In a lot of ways, comedian Eric André and rapper Vince Staples are opposites. The 33-year-old André has disheveled Sideshow Bob hair and a feral disposition that make his eponymous Adult Swim show a must-watch spectacle unlike anything else on cable TV, equal parts parody and acid trip. While most late night entertainment panders and indulges celebrities, The Eric Andre Show, which just finished its fourth season, has a passive-aggressive relationship with its guests. In one memorable 2014 episode, reality TV star Lauren Conrad walked off set in the middle of an interview after André vomited on his desk and vacuumed up the mess with his mouth.  

Staples, on the other hand, comes across as calculated and composed, both in person and on record. The 23-year-old Los Angeles rapper’s biting, acerbic style made his debut studio album, Summertime ’06, one of the most heralded and thought-provoking projects of 2015. His latest release, the Prima Donna EP, earned similar acclaim. But Staples makes as many headlines for his hilarious observations in interviews and on social media as he does for his music. Likewise, André is a comedian, but he graduated from the Berklee College of Music before his stand-up career took off. And both Staples and André will never shy away from making anyone—whether a fan or critic—uncomfortable.

Together, on an afternoon in Los Angeles, these two brought the best of both worlds to a candid conversation on performance, the future, and the 2016 election.