Canadian rapper Belly's Another Day In Paradise mixtape is still resonating with fans, and he's just decided to unleash the latest set of visuals from the project. "Ballerina" finds a young woman caught between two worlds. In one she's a graceful ballerina, while in the other she works as a stripper. Interesting comparisons between the two dance-based professions are drawn in the dark, moody video.

The video's plot echoes the song's lyrics, where Belly raps about how he perceives a stripper differently than others do. "She mix the red and white wine like the Catalina/You call her a stripper, that's my ballerina/See that's your stage but it's my arena/That's not a stripper, that's my ballerina," he raps. "Oh you playing but I got the cheat code/Shallow bitches always got the deep quotes/The block is hot but the streets cold/Shoes designer but she got a cheap soul."

Belly is still riding off the success of his 2015 hit "Might Not" featuring The Weeknd. The two made headlines back in May when they refused to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! because Donald Trump was scheduled to appear on the same episode. The pair also teamed up on Beyoncé's track "Six Inch," which Belly wrote and The Weeknd featured on. Next up, Belly is looking to create even more buzz when his Roc Nation debut album finally drops in early 2017.

Until then, Another Day In Paradise will have to hold his fans over. You can watch Belly's video for "Ballerina" above.