For the latest episode of OVO Sound Radio, Drake has brought in a pair of familiar faces: dvsn's Nineteen85 and Majid Jordan's Jordan Ullman. Of course, for those who've been following OVO for any extended period of time, you would know that both artists are OVO standbys, and some of Drizzy's bigger successes as a talent scout. They're also both veteran's to OVO Sound Radio with Nineteen85 showing up on episode 18, and Ullman making his own appearance early into the program's run on episode four.

Recently we had a chance to catch dvsn live during OVO's annual Houston Appreciation Week where they sold out the same venue that Drake rapped about on his Nothing Was The Same standout track "Too Much." It was a show for the ages to say the least. It was also where we learned that the duo are well on their way to having new music ready to go by the time 2017 rolls around. 

While it seems remote that we might get a sneak peak of new dvsn tracks, there exists a real possibly that Ullman might drop in some new material by Majid Jordan into his mix. In May actually, mysterious electronic artist Somewhere Else premiered his new song "Move Together" featuring the duo on episode 21. If anything, Drake's show has become the place to hear unique artists chopping it up and unveiling new and exciting cuts. Expect more of the same tonight. 

You can listen to Episode 30 of OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music below.