Kanye West’s surprise appearance was definitely the highlight of Sunday night’s Bad Boy Reunion show. Unfortunately for Ma$e, however, that wasn’t the only moment that had people talking. 

During the performance of his 1997 single “Feel So Good,” the rapper stumbled over a trap door and nearly face-planted on the Madison Square Garden stage. Though the 39-year-old made a fast save and quickly returned to the song, the slip was still pretty embarrassing—so much so that Diddy, who’s also experienced epic stage falls, felt it was necessary to give Ma$e some words of encouragement.

“Ayo, them hard bottoms—we so fly!,” Diddy said on stage. “You busted your ass! Ayo, remember when I busted my ass right here?!”

It's good to know the Bad Boy boss has Ma$e's back; however, social wasn’t so understanding. Shortly after footage of the fall was posted on the internet, Twitter went in on the rapper. You can check out some of the reactions below.