Lil B is for the people and he proved it once again by taking a moment to talk with a homeless family in Los Angeles.

The rapper met the three kids and their mother in downtown L.A. and gave each of the kids $100 and hugs. "We had a good laugh the struggle is good when its solid people around but i dont trust the streets and children and god knows low income children need protection equally," Lil B captioned his photo of the family on his Instagram.


The encounter seemed to have a huge affect on Lil B who went on to write an emotional note about the youth. "This hurts my heart because its so many fake people and i need to help but i am and im doing it personally and ima keep blessing people," he professed before signing off with a final message to his thousands of followers. "I love yall and please protect the children...Do your part and protect and educate the youth and our black youth number one and all youth number one black lives matter !"

You can read Lil B's full note about the family above.