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It's not every day you get some new bars from 50 Cent, but fans are in luck on Thursday, as the G-Unit captain returns with the debut of his new remix of Young M.A.'s hit street single, "Ooouuu." 50 was feeling the track and even previewed the remix this morning on his Instagram before dropping it tonight. The remix is a big moment for Young M.A., as she has often spoke about 50's influence on her young career and how he's paved the way for her as a NYC MC. It's unclear what lies in the future with 50, but he did recently announce a new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, though there's not telling when that's set to arrive. Still, this is a big moment for NYC hip-hop in 2016. Now all we need is M.A. and 50 on an original track together. You can stream the remix below for now.