Twitter is ruthless. We've seen its ruthlessness on full display time and time again, roasting the hell out of everything from Orlando Bloom's NSFW nautical companion to unwitting celebrity lookalikes. Nothing is safe! So when a photo of Yung Joc rocking a potentially trend-rebooting new look hit Instagram on Friday, Twitter wasted little time hitting the roast button.

The original source of the photo remains a mystery, though a quick glance at Yung Joc's Instagram shows the "It's Goin' Down" hitmaker was more than prepared for the ensuing roasting. "See, it's cool to be a follower, I guess," he said on Instagram on Thursday night. "All y'all wanna look alike. But what if I just chose to do something different because I knew yo motherfuckin' ass was gonna talk about it? I won." Yung Joc also added that there's a chance he wasn't doing that at all, instead maybe rocking the new look as part of a currently-in-progress movie role:

A cursory IMDb peek shows that Yung Joc is currently listed as a star of the 1960s-set film The Products of the American Ghetto. However, Twitter couldn't be bothered with all that and chose instead to do more of that aforementioned roasting:

You're cruel as hell, Twitter.