Of all the ways to get roasted by total strangers on Twitter, this is certainly one of them. Orlando Bloom was enjoying a presumably wonderful day at an Italian beach with Katy Perry earlier this week when some sleuths copped photos of the relaxing excursion and shared them with the New York Daily News. The focal point of these photos? Well, um, that honor belongs to Bloom's naval companion:

As you can see, Bloom had a tremendous day on the water. So tremendous, in fact, that the practice of wearing clothing was simply not in the cards. Commendable! Inspiring even. Why do humans even bother wearing clothes anyway? So constricting!

But, hey, you know Twitter had to get some jokes off:

In addition to a swarm of people fully convinced they were the first person to think of the "in full Bloom" pun, Twitter also had plenty of people willing to fall on the sword of jokes built solely on the name of Katy Perry's current single, "Rise."

But you're just here for some general roasting action, aren't you? Sorry. Here you go:

Stay strong, Twitter.