YG, Drake, and Kamaiyah Ball Out in "Why You Always Hatin?" Video

YG, Drake, and Kamaiyah have the streets on lock in their new "Why You Always Hatin?" music video.

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One of the first indications that YG's Still Brazy was set to be something special was the emergence of the single "Why You Always Hatin?" featuring Drake and Kamaiyah in May. Although the song only peaked at No. 87 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it was an undeniable banger that showcased what was to come from the album YG was preparing to put out into the world.

Now, a solid two months after the release of Still Brazy, we finally get a set of visuals for the single. The clip is pretty epic and finds YG and Drake racing exotic cars around Los Angeles. They spit their verses while joyriding around and are joined by Ty Dolla $ign and others. Kamaiyah also makes an appearance for her spot on the chorus and gets the royalty treatment that she deserves. After relaxing with a foot massage, her and YG sit down for a banquet fit for a medieval king and queen. Between the feast, the cars, and YG showing up in a helicopter, the video is a celebration of living large and balling out, a perfect match for the fun, hater-dismissing track.

YG's Still Brazy​ has been one of hip-hop's biggest critical successes of the year, with people from all over lavishing praise on the throwback gangsta rap album. He's supported the project with a steady stream of videos ever since putting it out and has also released a "FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)" remix with G-Eazy and Macklemore, with more versions reportedly in the works.

You can check out YG, Drake, and Kamaiyah live it up in their "Why You Always Hatin?" music video above.

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