Tons of stars and celebrities will be in attendance at the VMAs this Sunday when Kanye West gets four minutes of air time to reportedly do whatever he wants, but it looks like Taylor Swift won't be among them. According to a report from People, Swift will not be attending the show this year, her first time missing the VMAs since 2011. "Taylor was never scheduled to attend the VMAs," an inside source told People.

Although it seems odd that Swift will be missing the award show for the first time in years, it's not like she has a chance of winning an award this year. She cleaned up last year with videos from her smash-hit album 1989, but wasn't nominated this time out. Sometimes artists that aren't nominated still perform, but it's far from a sure thing.

Still, it's funny that her absence lines up with Kanye West being given free rein over his air time. The two re-ignited their feud this year in a major way after Kim Kardashian called Swift out over claims that the singer didn't know her lyrical name-drop on Kanye West's song "Famous." Things blew up on social media, with many calling Swift out as a liar based on Kim's videos. For her part, Swift has asked "to be excluded from this narrative."

It was just last year that Swift and Kanye were making headlines for a far different reason. She presented him with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, seemingly burying the hatchet after years of (apologies) bad blood. It's crazy how quickly things can change.