Tons of fans showed up to Drake and Future's "Summer Sixteen" tour in Greensboro, N.C. Tuesday night, but one face stood out from the crowd. Right in the front, in the best seats in the house, was none other than Puff Daddy. Although he didn't get up on stage or meet up with Drake after the show, his presence at the concert is still major news.

As many will recall, Puff and Drake went through a major spat back in 2014. It all started when Puff sent Drake a track to ghostwrite for him, which Drake then flipped into "0-100/The Catch Up" and released himself instead. "I gave this shit to this nigga, and this nigga stole this shit," he said angrily on stage. The pair later got into a brawl at Club LIV in Miami, which ended with Drake in the hospital for a dislocated shoulder. Of course, there were then the rumored shots Drake sent at Puffy on "4 PM in Calabasas" earlier this summer, which basically came out of nowhere and reminded everyone that they still had issues. 

TMZ later reported that the pair settled their issue with a private phone call, but they haven't shown much love towards each other publicly since then. That's why Puff Daddy showing up at the "Summer Sixteen" tour stop is such a big deal; it's the first real evidence we have that everything is cool between the two parties. Considering "0-100" is one of Drake's biggest hits, Puff probably got to see a live version of it last night. Let's hope he didn't mind.

You can check out a short clip of Puff Daddy at the concert Tuesday night below.