At press time, PARTYNEXTDOOR'S third project P3 has been out for a little over 12 hours, and if you aren't at least on your third spin of the album you need to reevaluate your life choices. It's been three summers since PND made his appropriately mysterious official entrance onto The Scene, casually dropping the instant-banger "Make a Mil" on SoundCloud via push from his label boss Drake. Since then, two-full lengths, a care-package EP, and various loosies have impacted but PARTY's true moment has undoubtedly​ been delayed until now. The spotlight is on him, his views, plays, and chart impact is up, he may or may not have dated a Kardashian.

But P3, while fire off first impression, is hardly anything new in terms of quality. On a roster that includes the vocal phenom dvsn and new wave pop-infused Majid Jordan, PARTY has long been the true star of OVO Sound signees and he's been lacing us with heaters. You listened to P1 and P2 on Apple Music? That's cool but his catalog goes even deeper. If you're a PARTY philistine that's fine—we're here to help. Admit your shame, step forward and take a brief break from P3 to experience the songs you may have missed that truly showcase his range and talent. You're welcome. *gun cocks*