Back in June, former NFL player Marcellus Wiley made news when he claimed a destroyed interview prevented a Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef from boiling over and now he's explaining exactly what went down.

"I haven't been sworn to secrecy except it was orders given from one person's camp to our company that they should not air it." That request has kept Wiley from going into specifics, but he explained to DJ Vlad what went down as much as possible, which went down while he was taping SportsNation.

"We're taping the interview and we already know there's something in the air that's going on between these two rappers. We already know there's a little beef there," he explained before revealing that he asked what was going on with the beef, half-expecting a vague response. "He started talking noise!...I'm thinking 'we got beef.' Like, it's going down." When Wiley did a follow up interview, the rapper doubled down on the beef and stayed true to his first story.

Unfortunately, the program had to wait about an hour for the interview to air, which is when they received the order to extinguish the whole taped interview because the rapper's team called and said not to air it. "The guy in me says if I ever get fired, if i ever have no job...I'm going to find that tape and I'm going to sell it," laughed Wiley. When pressed for more details, he did reveal that "it was the individual," either Drake or Kendrick Lamar, that came out swinging in a sit down. Both rappers appeared on the show multiple times, so it's still anyone's guess which artist went off during a sit down.

The conversation did shift to the rapper's other beefs with Wiley acknowledging that Drake in a small way once slighted Lamar when asking how he would ever top his first album. Drake's penchant for rap beef was also on the table for discussion. "He jumped on Meek Mill but, when Joe Budden was on Drake, he ain't going to jump on that for different reasons."

So we still don't know which rapper did the interview, but it definitely makes for a good story. Watch Wiley explain what went down in the video below.