Demi Lovato is currently on the road with Nick Jonas and decided to go undercover as a Lyft driver when her tour recently stopped in Denver, Colo. to surprise unsuspecting passengers.

The entire thing is pretty hilarious and she even drops hints that it's her by casually mentioning her song titles in conversations. "I love Lyft. I just started," she told one passenger. "It's like a job that's like, you know, cool for the summer." We see what you did there.

Lovato continued to drop some heavy, huge hints about who she really is while talking to the several unsuspecting passengers about her real life. "I actually really want to be a singer someday," she explained to another passenger. "I've actually been touring the country with my ex-boyfriend's brother because he sings too and we really want to get our names out there."

From there, she sang one of her old Camp Rock songs, talked crap on herself by slamming "Demi's chin" and claiming that Demi screams in certain songs, and insisted that Selena Gomez, who used to famously be her best friend, is the more talented singer.

Lovato is the latest celebrity to partake in Lyft's undercover series. In the past few months, Shaq went undercover for Lyft along with others like Jerry Rice, Danica Patrick, and Richard Sherman and somehow nobody knew the very recognizable stars was driving them from place to place.

Watch Lovato's Lyft undercover episode above and catch her on tour through September by checking out the remaining dates here.