Rising rapper and singer PnB Rock returns on Friday with the debut of his brand new song, "Fuck the Law." While PnB brings through a strong message throughout this banger, he does so in his own style, with plenty of infectious crooning and lines about his come up in the game and how it wasn't always easy for him to break through. Of course, he makes it known plenty on this new cut that he is not a fan of the law and that that isn't going to change anytime soon. 

"Really it was just a freestyle..wasn't nothing too deep about it. But "fuck the law" is just my mentality always," PnB Rock told Complex via email. While it's unclear what PnB Rock has in store for the rest of the year, he's making plenty of noise and now delivering a strong message to his fans. You can stream the new song below, and also revisit his most recent project, Money, Hoes, and Flows, which he released with Fetty Wap, right here