British Columbia’s Coast Mountains are home to some of the most breathtaking scenery on Earth, built of goliath peaks, dense, ancient forests, and crystal lakes that have made spots like Whistler such a popular destination. But there’s one way you could improve on all that calm, natural beauty: a four day mega-festival.

Enter the Pemberton Music Festival. Since 2014, the event has been collecting incredibly impressive lineups, and this year was no different. Collecting stars from all kinds of genres of music—hip-hop, EDM, rock ‘n’ roll, and more—plus comedy acts and traditional performances (and crafts) from the Lil’Wat Nation, who have lived in the area for thousands of years, Pemberton manages to bring something for everybody, from savagely drunken bros to old hippies. And you can camp under the mountains and stars like a true festivalgoer, or stay down the road in Whistler Village at a swanky hotel like royalty. The former route will earn you the respect of the previously mentioned old hippies, but the latter will help you stay dry for most of your time there.

We checked out the last two days of the festival, braving rain, bus rides, and numerous numbers of high fives to report back on the highlights.

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