The Game appeared on VH1's Amber Rose Show on Friday night for a chat that turned out to be very revealing—in more ways than one. The rap star talked to Rose about a variety of topics, from his recent rally with Snoop Dogg to his now-infamous Instagram photos and the DMs they inspire.

Rose also asked the rapper about a recent charitable effort that raised over $70,000 for an Arkansas police officer in his efforts to, as the GoFundMe page puts it, "strengthen the community." The Game revealed that the whole thing was his son's idea. 

"I was having a conversation with my oldest son Harlem about good cops and bad cops," he told Rose. "So I told him, 'For the ones that you think are bad, why don't you find a few good ones?' And he found Officer Norman."

Rose and The Game also found time to resolve a nasty back-and-forth they had over Instagram in 2015 over a story about a woman accusing the rapper of sexual assault during the filming of his reality show She Got Game. Rose explained that she wasn't criticizing The Game directly, but rather a story on Baller Alert about the situation that she felt was biased against the woman.  

"I was talking about the journalism," she explained. "It was unfair, and it was poorly written. But it was not about you... It's just unfair that they instantly go to the male celebrity and say that he is immediately innocent because everyone loves you for your music."

The two stars also discussed whether The Game's frequently-revealing Instagram pictures have ever led to him hooking up with fans who DM him on the platform. He admitted that it had happened, but also said that sometimes looks can be deceiving. 

"Some of these things ain't what you see on the 'gram," he said. "I keep them in the DM for a little while... And then we can maybe graduate to the Snapchat. On Snap, you can't really do too much. You gotta be who you are. After that, you can graduate."

Reaction to the episode from fans of the show was ecstatic.

 Many viewers also wondered how the host and guest would fare as a couple.


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