As you might expect from special cloth talk, DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins discuss many things as the cover stars of Complex's August/September 2016 issue. Of course this means the secret to never playing yourself—a pitfall both are experts at avoiding.

As it turns out, the key is to never lose track of your goals. In the latest Complex cover story, Robbins explains that trouble arises when you start to "think you’ve arrived, to stop growing, to let your ego take over, to think it’s about the money, to put yourself in a place where you stop. I always tell people happiness comes in one word: progress." Khaled agrees, adding, "Progress is definitely the answer. Once you start losing reality, when you start losing reality with yourself, sometimes people just get dizzy."

At the same time, Khaled doesn't want people to get so sidetracked chasing success that they lose sight of themselves. "I’m saying is that you can’t forget the reality. Sometimes people take success and forget about reality," he says. Robbins chimes in, noting the problems that can arise when "people forget their roots."

Khaled uses his love of bodegas to drive this point home. "I told myself, 'Man, it’s so beautiful out here. If I ever moved to L.A. I would probably want to buy a house in Beverly Hills.' The thing is, once I leave Beverly Hills, there’s no bodegas in Beverly Hills. Once I leave L.A. and go back to Miami or if I go visit New York, it’s like, 'Oh man, there’s the bodega.'"

Read the entire conversation between DJ Khaled and Tony Robbins here, and purchase Complex's August/September 2016 issue here.