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Twitter had plenty to say about Shad Moss (a.k.a. Bow Wow)'s recent comments on this year's presidential election. When a fan reached out to Bow Wow on Twitter Wednesday for his thoughts on what many have considered one of the most crucial elections in American history, he revealed he's "not really into politics" and argued that the fact that the country survived a George W. Bush presidency means things couldn't possibly get much worse:

When another fan asked him if he planned on voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or GOP nominee Donald Trump, Bow Wow revealed he doesn't care for either and expounded on his reason for seemingly refraining from voting altogether:

That last tweet didn't exactly sit well with a lot of his followers, who promptly responded and received some more thoughts directly from Bow Wow:

Bow Wow also doubled down on his previous revelation that he's not voting this time around, adding that he's not sure his vote would do anything:

In the middle of the debate, Bow Wow took to Instagram to share a photo of his father:

Following the heated discourse, Twitter continued to ponder Bow Wow's comments:

The United States will hold its 2016 presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.