"Kerser got invited to play at the Breath of Life festival in Tasmania. Huge festival down there man, it's in Launceston. It's awesome you know, big variety of acts. Different bands, some awesome bands, some awesome artists. Hip-hop, punk, dance, you know, just a big mix of genres. Anyway, he asked me and Jay Dee to come down and perform and do his back-up vocals. We're like, fucking hell, what an opportunity you know, of course.

We all made the travel down to Tassie and Kerser had quite a fair following at this time. He had the release of Nebulizer and his second album No Rest For The Sickest, so the buzz when he hit the stage and all that, it was crazy man. It was a great experience to be a part of but it all started to get funny, man.

We started to, you know, party on a bit, and we got pretty rowdy. And after the gig in the backstage area we decided to wander off and find the cool room, so we could grab some more drinks for us, because we knew that there was another esky waiting. So we've walked into the backstage cooler room and there was all eskies everywhere right, and they're all named. There's like 360, you know, Illy, Bliss and Eso, heaps of other artists, man. So I walk up to 360's one, and I'm like, 'Let's see what he's got', just having a look through there. Next thing I know, Jay Dee's come over and he's like pushed me out the way, and he's pissing in the esky, filling the esky up man. We're all laughing like, 'Oh fuck!', trying to get the phone out to film it.

Next thing Jay Dee picks up a Sprite, pours half of it out, starts trying to piss in it. And I start doing the same. So, we decided to fill up a few bottles and finish leaking in a few of the other things and decided to get out of there. We've never been violent or anything at a festival, I mean anybody you'd talk to would tell you, we get on with those dudes really well. But we met those dudes and all those four dudes I just mentioned, were all pretty arrogant. And they came across that way, so we were like we can play that game, here we go. And, you know, there was always talk on the net and different stuff. I think it's a pretty funny story I've wanted to get out for a while man, to be honest, hey [laughs]."