Atlanta continues to churn out fresh music, as today, newcomer Thumbz debuts his new track, "No Cap," which features everyone's current favorite Lil Yachty. From the jump, you can tell that "No Cap" is a true banger, as Thumbz kicks things off with an intense verse that's pushed forward with not only witty punchlines, but well-timed adlibs and a catchy hook that matches with the infectious production. And while Lil Yachty has already proven to listeners that he can rap in just about every style, he broke out an intense flow that many fans probably didn't expect that he had in him.

"Bout one day last month, I was locked In the studio had made bout 3 songs prior to dat one, it was jus me and the engineer," Thumbz told Complex. "Yachty walked in while I was makin the "NO CAP" he said 'ooooow that shit fire,' I told him hop on it & dat was dat." That was certainly that, and with the chemistry that Thumbz and Yachty showed on "No Cap," it would be a real shame if they didn't connect for much more going forward. 

You can listen to "No Cap," which will be featured on Thumbz's upcoming Keep Thumbin mixtape, below.