From the ever-giving fountain of Reddit comes some pretty interesting stories about fan encounters with famous rappers. The thread simply asked "Which hip hop artists have you met in person? Who was cool? Who was a dick? What did you speak about? etc," and users were more than happy to share their stories—mostly positive—about encountering hip-hop stars.

The majority of the encounters were simple and pleasant, with users describing Vince Staples as "hilarious in person," Big Sean as "super shy and the most humble dude ever," and Lil Yachty as "pretty scared but pretty cool about it."

Others are a little more bizarre, like when drewbie32 says his mom sold cookies to Action Bronson at a local farmer's market. A user named Wirehouse also recalled meeting Ghostface Killah, whom he described as "a little grumpy, but to be fair he had just performed a show for free outside a grilled cheese sandwich shop." This one sounds pretty strange, but there actually is a grilled cheese shop in Perth, Australia called Toastface Grillah that Ghostface performed at back in 2014.

Of course, there are some accusations of artists being rude, but nobody's pleasant all the time. One user describes seeing Father having a "temper tantrum" after his performance at a show went awry, while another says Mac Miller was a "pretty big douche" and had security running hard interference for him.

Obviously all of these stories—both positive and negative—should be taken with a grain of salt, as there's nothing to stop a Redditor from making something up. Then again, most of these seem pretty in line with artists' behavior. The running theme seems to be "nice" and "anti-climactic," both of which are usually good descriptions of meeting famous people in real life.

You can check out the whole Reddit thread here to see even more stories about Redditors' encounters with your favorite rappers.