Bringing together grizzly, distorted beats, orchestral melodies and an atmospheric intensity, it could only be London's Wax Wings. The emerging producer looks to be right on track to cement his reputation as a producer blurring the lines between genres and styles with his uniquely dense production style. "Midnight Mantra", for example, focuses around a dark piano riff that engulfs the listener, while EP closers "Cry For Help" and "District" take a more subdued approach, plunging the listener into a haze of dubby basslines and dark, haunting synths with shuddering, urgent drum lines beneath them.

As a counter, "Strange Attraction" takes an almost Balaeric opening and flips it on its head with the sudden interruption of snappy percussion and waves of murky low-end. Elsewhere, though largely instrumental, the titular track makes deft use of a haunting vocal melody from Yerosha. Despite the cavernous arrangements and considered pace, The Love Inside Me EP is a lot to take in—give it your full attention below.

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