Earlier this year, south London's Slovenlie dropped her debut single "Disaster"—a track that wore the producer's influences firmly on its sleeve; the airy electro of Fever Ray, the techy noodling of Moderat and the pulsing industrial rhythms of Nine Inch Nails all reared their heads at times. Today, however, we've been blessed with an alternate take on the track by Bad Taste Records' alumn Affelaye. Where the original was a throbbing, new wave-tinged piece of electronic punk, Affelaye's version slows this right down into a hazy, glitchy roller that reimagines her electro-cum-industrial influences into something more atmospheric and deeply engrossing—the perfect backdrop for devastating lyrics like It's not your fault that you're weak, it's just your nature / You only get by 'cause you look good on paper. Ouch.