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Adelaide’s own Kronic has seemingly been very busy forging a name for himself in L.A., making the switch from the city of churches to the city of angels to follow his dreams. As an artist that's worked on remixes for artists like Lady Gaga and Far East Movement, and then pushed on to some seriously big-name production work with the likes of Lil’ Jon, Tyga, Justin Bieber & Chris Brown, Kronic is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the music game.

Kronic will be releasing a full-length eight track project in July titled Sophisticated Ignorance, and “Blood In The Water” is the latest single from the EP. It features Nikki Jean, who is perhaps most recognisable from her appearances on Lupe Fiasco’s albums, and Israel Bell, who breaks out with a vocal performance that could rival some of John Legend’s best hooks.

Kronic is well-known for his ability to draw together hip-hop and electronic elements, and this song is a perfect amalgamation of those two worlds, with a dash of reggae for good measure. It’s a very impressive release, and we’re sure the rest of the EP will carry just as much promise when it drops on July 22. Until you can get your hands on it then, check out the single for yourself above.