Aquatic poet Lil Yachty, just like you and everyone you know, sometimes has weird AF dreams. However, unlike your struggle crew's attempts at dream journaling, Yachty knows that taking to the high seas of Twitter to unleash one's latest weird AF dream (nightmare?) is the only way to go.

According to Yachty, Sunday's inspired bout of REM sleep tossed the cloud rap master into a story that somehow involves Troy Ave, BB guns, and a low-key RiFF RAFF reference. Pro tip: Strap in for this shit. There's a lot going on.

Dream Yachty has a Troy Ave-instigated hit on him, which apparently leads to some sort of a confrontation in the lobby of an unnamed New York venue with people who, in true dream fashion, "look and sound like" Troy Ave. What's the move, Dream Yachty? Blue pill or red pill?

But Dream Yachty has a plan: black Sharpies.

Goddamnit. What now? Well, first we need a nice slice of exposition:

Then on to seemingly RiFF RAFF-ier things:

In a move that noted twist-lover M. Night Shyamalan would fucking love, Dream Yachty flips the script right at the end:

Note to everyone: start tweeting your dreams.