It's the dream of almost every single unsigned, unnoticed rapper on the planet. You're walking down the street, then suddenly, you see Kanye West. You make a beeline over to Yeezus, and rather than get bodied by one of the hulking members of his security team, he lets you through to spit some bars on the spot. It's an audition, and by the end of it, 'Ye is so impressed that he takes down your info with the promise that he'll hit you up. And then he actually does!

If that seems too fanciful a dream to be possible, it actually isn't. As many are aware, that's almost exactly how Kanye discovered Big Sean after a radio interview in Detroit back in the day, and it's also how he got hip to another aspiring artist named Cameron Grey just last year.

Yeezy was coming out of the House of Blues in L.A. in February 2015, following a Big Sean performance, when Grey approached him and asked for the opportunity to show him what he could do. With Justin Bieber watching on the side, Grey went on a freestyle and asked for a shot. Kanye apparently gave it to him, and now, according to TMZ, Grey's first album is already finished, made possible by none other than West himself.

Grey let TMZ know that The Life of Pablo megastar "really did ring him up for a real meeting ... then hooked him up with studio time and 'Ye's own Grammy-winning producer Anthony Kilhoffer." The resultant album is currently titled Cocaine Ferrari, but doesn't yet have a release date. The album is kicking off with the release of "Never Bout Us," which you can listen to below. Dreams do really come true it seems.

Cameron Grey did not immediately respond to Complex’s request for comment